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Participating Schools

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Class A 



Student a1- Willy

Student a2- Dennis

Student a3- Jill

Student a4- Jolene

Mentor a5- Cliff 

Class B 



Student b1- Lily

Student b2- Uimi

Student b3- Vincent

Student b4- Jay

Mentor b5- Peggy

Class C


New Zealand

Student c1- Emily

Student c2- Candy

Student c3- Eddie

Student c4- Allen

Mentor c5- Danny

Class D 



Student d1- Andy

Student d2- Jacky

Student d3- Jessie

Student d4- Lisa

Mentor d5- Roger

Class E 



Student e1- David

Student e2- Grant

Student e3- Molly

Student e4- Kiki

Mentor e5- Eric

Class F 



Student f1- Anita

Student f2- Tracy

Student f3- Max

Student f4- Johnny

Mentor f5- Annie

Class G 



Student g1- Sam

Student g2- Willy

Student g3- Mandy

Student g4- Sandy

Mentor g5- Tina

Class H 



Student h1- Julia

Student h2- Euly

Student h3- Louis

Student h4- Justin

Mentor h5- Minnie

Class I



Student i1- Lily

Student i2- Delta

Student i3- Tim

Student i4- Danny

Mentor i5- Andy

Class J



Student j1- Willy

Student j2- Jason

Student j3- Tim

Student j4- Jim

Mentor j5- Doris

Class K



Student k1- Cindy

Student k2- Jaimy

Student k3- Fanny

Student k4- Naomi

Mentor k5- Peter





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