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Week 2-3

July 23 2011  13:00 - 15:00
Each class formulates a question on their Learning Circle theme according to criteria for quality research sponsored question.




Class A, Canada Question:

How can future technology develop to help us solve the energy crisis


Class B, Italy Question:

What will be the art style in your country in the 21st century

Class C, New Zealand Question:

 How will transportation in your country develop in the 21st century?

Class D, China Question:
How will natural resources in your country change in the 21st century?

Class E, USA Question:

How will music change in your country in the 21st century

Class F, France Question:

What kind of mutation in the human body by nuclear power will there be in your country in the 21st century?

Class G, Question:

How will fashion from your country influence the world?



Class H, Taiwan Question:

How can technology develop to make medicines which can treat all cancer and HIV/Aids?

Class I, Australia Question:

How will the economy in your country expand (grow bigger) in your country? 


Class J, Indonesia Question:

How to protect the freedom of speech on the internet in the 21st century (so not to be influenced by the government).  


Class K, Japan Question:

How will food change in your country the 21st century? 





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Eliane Metni said

at 9:09 pm on Jul 23, 2011

Interesting questions so far!

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